Banu Kanıbelli

My music journey begins with mandolin lessons at the stationery store of Sıtkı Amca in the city of İzmir.


The records we listened to with my father carefully unsheathed, the classics in our home, the experiments we made on the piano keys together formed the bond that would make music a priority for a lifetime for me.


Many houses with a piano in İzmir have memories with Mme Cassano… Mme Cassano was also my piano teacher.


Since then, my guitar, on which I have only played chords, but has accompanied all my songs, was initiated at the school's guitar club at the age of 13. My musical journey, which changed dimensions with it, found its way with the interest and sensitive support of my immediate environment.


I took Psychology undergraduate courses at Boğaziçi University and then Ethnomusicology graduate courses at Mimar Sİnan University.   My masters interest in Philosophy and Social Thought at Bilgi University, was on music and philosophy.


Being a mother, working professionally in the education sector, and the songs made for children in this process were embodied in two separate albums, "Kara" (1998) and "No Other World" (2006), under the music directorship of Bülent Ortaçgil and arrangements by Gürol Ağırbaş. Since then, children's songs have somehow find their own little listeners  in their own way.


The first of songs for grown-ups came in the jazz genre with the album "Bu Ruzgâr" (2013). "Lobna's Song" was released as a single / digitally in 2014. "Yer Gök" (2017) is an album that started to reflect my singer & songwriter style.  "5 Silahşörler" (2019) was a Soundtrack album. "The Earth is My Home and It's Burning" (2020) with "Fridays for Future Turkey" hosted the voices of young people and was released in two languages ​​in single / digital and Turkish / English. This was followed by the EP "Tutulma" (2020) with 3 songs.  "Letters to Songs" project, an open space which came to life with the radio program "Sahibine Şarkılar" ( was a media for letters meeting with music.  "Hayat Eve Sığar mı?" (2020) was the first song of the project. which were followed by​ "Bugün de Böyle"  (feat. SO Duo)(2021) and "Savruk" (2021.  "İyi Ki O Gün"  was released in the last days of 2020 and "Aslında" in 2021 as singles of a compilation where I bring real human portraits to songs. 

Ada Music hosts all my musical works. Working with Baki Duyarlar, Başak Yavuz, Cansun Küçüktürk, Emir Özgören, Selen Gülün, Şevket Akıncı, Tuna Erlat and Orçun Baştürk in the arrangements of the music is irreplaceable, the friendship and solidarity they have shown are unforgettable.


Sending my love to all music-loving friends who have crossed paths with the songs, or who will cross them in some way ...


May 2021, Istanbul